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The passion for good food

The Abruzzo at the table

Spend the holidays in Tortoreto Lido, guests staying at the Hotel Nozzle, means to have the possibility to enjoy the delicacies of the region of abruzzo.

In fact, the Hotel Nozzle of Tortoreto Lido, you can find a choice of menus with dishes of the abruzzo tradition, prepared by hand and with fresh, quality ingredients.

In addition, we are available to accept requests for changes of menu for those who suffer from intolerances or allergies. And, on request, we have bibs, baby food, high chairs to feed your children in joy.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Bis taste

Home-made Pasta, desserts and fresh fish are our must-haves, as well as the bis: for lunch and dinner, you get up from the table full and satisfied, with the energy and joy needed to spend a fun and challenging day on the beach.
And to start the day wrapped up with a bouquet from hungry, our breakfast features homemade cakes, savoury items, jam brand name Hero, toast Buitoni, Chocolate and original cookies Perugina.

We choose only the best for our guests.

Our evenings


The Hotel Nozzle of Tortoreto Lido the fun, for adults and children alike.
Heat the throat, return to the most famous songs and practice them in front of the mirror: once a week we organise the Karaoke night, fun and suitable for all ages. To ingolosire the evening, not to be missed the croissants stuffed with chocolate, they have become a tasty tradition of our evenings!

The feast of the Assumption, instead, you are all invited to our party at the base of the skewers, on the other hand we are in Abruzzo, you can not leave without having tasted this local delicacy.

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